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Chosen (seasons 1 and 2)

Publié par Coralie sur 23 Avril 2014, 18:43pm

Catégories : #Séries - Thriller

Chosen (seasons 1 and 2)

Seasons : 1 and 2

My review : "Chosen" is an amazing series.

The format is original : the first two seasons are each composed of 6 episodes of 20 minutes. It is best to look at each season as a 2 hour movie. That way, you will enjoy it more.

In the first season, we discover the story of a lawyer, divorced father, Ian Mitchell, played to perfection by Milo Ventimiglia. One morning he found on his doorstep a box containing a gun and a photo of a man he must kill in a short time. Of course, at first, he opposes radically. But, soon, he realizes that he simply does not have a choice...

We quickly understand that Ian Mitchell is not the only one to have fallen into this infernal machination. In fact, a person has received a box with Ian Mitchell's picture in it...

The stress, caused largely by the time factor, but also by the threats that Ian Mitchell receives, creates a heavy atmosphere and a big anxiety for the viewer. The suspense is intense and we do not want to miss a part of this show because we absolutely want to find answers to all our questions.

The end of season 1 is very emotional, it really shakes us.

In the second season, along with the life (or rather survival) of Ian Mitchell and his family, we discover the story of Jacob Orr played by ... Chad Michael Murray ! If, like me, you're a fan of "One Tree Hill", you'll be delighted to see him again ! Jacob Orr has also received a box, and he is trying to resist as best as he can to the "Watchers", this extremely well-oiled organization that is behind the boxes and who adores the spectacle of all those people who are killing each other.

We also discover two young but already talented actors : Caitlin Carmichael and Joey Luthman. I can't wait to see them in other shows or films !

The final of this season 2 leaves us speechless... This is simply the best series finale I watched in my entire life. I remain shocked and I'm dying to know more.

"Chosen" is a really powerful and explosive series, I recommend it to the fans of action, suspense and adrenaline. You will not be disappointed !

My rating: 19/20


Chosen (seasons 1 and 2)
Chosen (seasons 1 and 2)


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