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Chosen (Season 3)

Publié par Coralie sur 29 Avril 2014, 18:13pm

Catégories : #Series - Thriller

Chosen (Season 3)

Season : 3. It was posted on the U.S. site crackle.com on the 15th of April 2014.

Seen in : Original version

(WARNING : this article contains spoilers about both seasons 1 and 2 so, if you did not see them, stop here !)

My review : After watching the first two seasons, we begin to understand how "Chosen" works. As you know, Ian Mitchell (Milo Ventimiglia), the main character of season 1, was murdered by Jacob Orr (Chad Michael Murray), the main character of season 2. So we guess that, in this third season, a stranger will receive a box containing the photo of Jacob Orr. And that person is none other than Josie Acosta, played by Rose McGowan, who you probably discovered, like me, in the role of Paige in "Charmed". If this is the case, you will be very surprised ! Goodbye the sweet, kind and almost harmless Rose McGowan ! Hello killer bad ass that commits the murders as soon as she receives boxes ! Personally, I think that this is the the best role of her career. Don't you agree ? However, I think we should temper this because I believe the possibility of radical change of role came with maturity. In fact, I do not think the young, sweet Rose McGowan, as seen in "Charmed", would have been credible in the very violent role of Josie Acosta. But, today, Rose McGowan fits perfectly with the role. Her facial expressions are hardened, her eyes too, and she knows how to be hard, even bestial in some scenes.

Chosen (Season 3)

Given the progress of this series, you might think that you will get bored because the characters are connected and, in fact, are similar. But this is not the case. Indeed, what I particularly like is that "Chosen" does not choose the easy way and decides to exploit the different reactions expressed by each character when they discover the boxes and what they contain. The reaction of Jacob Orr was similar to Ian Mitchell before him, but history does not repeat itself with Josie Acosta because she is accustomed to receiving boxes. Moreover, her two teenagers are also very aware and they struggle together to survive. I loved this new approach. This is even more chilling because we are more able to identify to ths teenagers trapped in this infernal spiral.

Furthermore, it should be noted that while, in season 2, Jacob completely stole the show from Ian, this season 3 is balanced between the adventures of Jacob and those of Josie. Personally, what has kept me in suspense is the survival of Josie and her two teenagers.

Chosen (Season 3)

It is clear that, if they want to survive, those "chosen" (hence the name of the series) will be forced to evolve. In most cases, they do not even recognize themselves anymore. Because of this, "Chosen" makes me think of "The Walking Dead", in the sense that the toughest live the longest. These extreme situations bring out the dark side, I would even say the animal side of humans. It is the law of the strongest, and it is even more the case in "Chosen" than in "The Walking Dead" because, in "Chosen", the possibility of mutual help is extremely limited, it is really for everyone for himself.

With a successful third season, rich in action, emotions and twists, "Chosen" easily integrates my Top 10 of the best series of all time. It's really a shame that it is so little known. I am sure it has a huge potential and could appeal to a large number of people. I do some publicity around me when I get the chance, but it's never enough for such a jewel.

My rating : 19/20


Chosen (Season 3)
Chosen (Season 3)


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