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The 100 (pilot review)

Publié par Coralie sur 2 Mai 2014, 15:10pm

Catégories : #Séries - Science-fiction

The 100 (pilot review)

Released : March 19, 2014 on the American channel CW

Seen in : original subtitled version

My review : Let's enter directly into the story of this new series, produced by Jason Rothenberg. A nuclear apocalypse has hit the Earth, leaving it completely irradiated. Fortunately, twelve countries had space stations at the time of the bombing, so there were survivors. 97 years later, the Earth still needs 100 years to become habitable. The ideal would be to wait until then, but the people on the Space Ark is increasing, so the leaders will try to find out if an early return on Earth is possible. To do this, they send in recognition, or rather as guinea pigs, 100 young prisoners, whose only means of communication with the Ark is their bracelets which indicate precisely their health. So here they are, alone in a hostile environment that is unknown to them.

At first glance, "The 100" does not seem very original because you can not help but notice the resemblance with "Hunger Games" or "Lost". But this does not matter because the important thing is not the subject, it is the way it is processed. And, in this case, I really enjoyed.

The main characters, I named Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Abby (Paige Turco), are very convincing. This pilot allows us to quickly identify individual personalities, and begin to imagine what they are going to bring to the story. For example, we already know that Clarke will have some difficulties to prevent these young offenders to snatch their bracelets and start a new life away from the Ark, instead of fulfilling their mission, that is to say try to determine whether or not the Earth is propitious to a return of the human race.

I liked the atmosphere established in this pilot. As viewers, we discover everything at the same time as the 100. I particularly enjoyed the scene of the deer with two heads. When he turned his head, I think I have done the same face as Finn : fear, but also a false joy because the fact to finally see an animal was supposed to be a good sign, but it is not.

The scene that I will also remember is the arrival of the 100 on Earth with the "We're back bitcheeeees !" before the song "Radioactive" of Imagine Dragons. I think this song is very well chosen, particularly for his words because, in this case, the Earth may be radioactive. More importantly, instead of putting a happy and festive song to stick to the delight of the 100 landing on Earth, I think the director made a good choice choosing "Radioactive" because its rhythm played on drums creates a very interesting atmosphere of anxiety that strongly contrasts with the general euphoria.

In conclusion, although each death was predictable, I think the pilot of "The 100" was successful. It suggests a series of good quality that will surely delight fans of science fiction. The writers should not run out of twists as Earth seems to abound of hostile creatures, and there are no less than 100 characters potentially dangerous to follow up.

My rating : 16/20


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