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Review of "Gone girl"

Publié par Coralie sur 25 Octobre 2014, 19:03pm

Catégories : #Films - Thriller

Review of "Gone girl"

Released : October 8, 2014

Seen : Original version with subtitles

My review : After the ingenious "Fight Club", David Fincher proves once again that he is the ace of manipulation and that we should therefore be wary of appearances. Precisely adapted from the bestseller "Appearances" by Gillian Flynn, "Gone Girl" is simply one of the best films of the year. Like "Fight Club" and "Seven", the final twist of "Gone Girl" will mark our minds for long. We will also retain a beautiful photograph, and the masterful performance of Rosamund Pike. Concerning Ben Affleck, he is probably signing one of the best roles of his career.

This extremely well-crafted thriller is above all a film about marriage, disillusionment and the evils it can lead. In fact, the first scene gives the tone right away. On a closeup of Amy (Rosamund Pike), the voice off of her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) admits that he wonders what his wife thinks of and he would like to open her skull to find out. Initially, we are obviously not able to really understand this scene but when she returns to close the film, we are able to grasp the meaning, what it implies, and it's really scary.

Review of "Gone girl"

Besides an obvious disenchantment of marriage, David Fincher's latest film is also a clever critique of contemporary society, especially the media. While "Fight Club" explicitly denounced the consumer society ("The things you own end up owning you", "Working jobs we hate so we can buy shits we do not need"), "Gone Girl" is more implicit. Items are placed here and there, they invite the viewer to understand, by himself, that they are not healthy. Thus talk shows are cleverly denounced, thanks to (or because, it depends) their ten millions viewers. They have an enormous influence on public opinion. If we want to please the American people, we must first be appealing to the presenters (we note that they are all women) of these shows, even if it means lying. The art of lying with conviction is finely described by Tanner Bolt, a crafty lawyer perfectly played by Tyler Perry, especially in the funny scene of the candies.

Wait a second, you mean that there are funny scenes in this unhealthy thriller? Of course, and this is the genius of David Fincher. This dark humor is present throughout the film, particularly through Margo Dunne, played by the excellent Carrie Coon seen recently in "The Leftovers".

Finally, we note the importance of Nick and Amy's cat. Being always at home, he knew the truth before the spectators.

The anecdote : Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt refused the role of Amy Dunne, which was finally attributed to the excellent Rosamund Pike.

My rating : 17/20


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